Feelings. Facts. Purpose

walk in your own path!

Your FEELINGS are real, yes! They are your raw emotions and you need to feel them ALL THE WAY! Until you do, they will consume your thoughts and lead to your impulsive, often irrational decisions.  

The FACTS are your responsibilities that you must fulfill. It is your CAN-DO but DON’T WANT TO, but you are required to accept any way. It is a circumstance that IS-WHAT-IT-IS!

Your PURPOSE is your destiny. It is what the universe expects from you. It is the gift you have to offer to your circumstance. 

Allow your purpose to drive your destiny, not your feelings. Feelings will influence your emotions.  Your emotions influence your behavior. Facts are obstacles for you to accept and overcome.  Purpose is your willingness to transcend your circumstances one step at a time to fulfill your destiny.


Published by CustoMYzed Fitness LLC

Holistic Wellness and Fitness Coach for Women with MS and related diseases

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