You have many demands on your life. Whether it is your own expectations or someone else’s, you want or have to give 100% to it all. You feel it’s all a bit too much. 

You give more fuel from your tank to others and leave little for yourself. And now your tank is on E. Your engine is breaking down. So, how do you replenish your tank without and balance your obligations:

  1. Accept your feelings of overwhelm. 
  2. Accept your role in fixing your stuff. 
  3. Write down ALL of your obligations. 
  4. Create a list of HAVE-TO’s (if you don’t do, something is adversely affected or destroyed). 
  5. Create a list of WANT-TO (if you don’t do, you or someone else will be uncomfortable). 
  6. Order your list of have-to’s from most to least important. 
  7. Order your list of want-to’s from most to least important. 
  8. Create a schedule for yourself alternating top 3 HAVE-TO’s with top 1 WANT-TO. 
  9. Meditate on How Beautiful, Loving, and Powerful You Are for at least 10 minutes. 
  10. REPEAT steps 8 and 9 until you complete all or your obligations. 

You Got this, Queen!

Published by CustoMYzed Fitness LLC

Holistic Wellness and Fitness Coach for Women with MS and related diseases

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